R&D Topics Addressed:

  1. Continue efficacy trials to evaluate EIS to reduce larval survival and moth dispersal in order to reduce population rise and spread.
  2. Refine treatment protocols to improve efficacy of treatments.
  3. Evaluate natural enemies’ attacks on SBW. Identify immigrant moths from mass dispersal events and determine importance of larval survival increase vs. moth immigration.
  4. Estimate parasitism rates from field data collected in efficacy trials to determine if treatments have a negative impact on SBW parasitoids.
  5. Determine potential non-target treatment effects on non-budworm moths and how to limit these impacts.


V. Martel (LFC) & R. Johns (AFC)E. Moise, J. Bowden, M. Stastny, E. Eveleigh, E. Owens (AFC)D. Pureswaran J. Delisle, M. Cusson (LFC)S. Heard (UNB)P. James (U. Montreal)A. Smith (U. Guelph)